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Transitions provides a high standard of accommodation, and have a dedicated multidisciplinary staff team who are committed to supporting young people to develop the social, emotional, and practical skills they will need to enable them to make a successful transition from care to independent living, and become responsible members of their own community, and wider society.


Transitions management and staff team are dedicated to ensuring all young people who access our service are treated with:









Young people living away from home; foster care; or residential provisions for the first time often lack the practical life skills they need to be able to achieve and sustain independent living.  Alongside this, some young people are very often dealing with issues of loss and transition, complicated further by mental health and substance misuse problems.  At Transitions each young person is provided with stable quality accommodation, and given a tailor-made support package delivered by qualified workers with specialist knowledge.  Transitions focus is to support the young person to address any issues identified that may be impacting on their welfare, whilst equipping them to become independent young people, making positive lifestyle choices. 

Additional to one to one support, Transitions offer a life skills programme based around the shared support needs of the young people in our service and include:


Maintaining a tenancy


Managing personal budgets


Cooking healthy meals


Personal health and safety


Emotional well being


Meaningful use of time – volunteering, seeking employment or training opportunities

While one-to-one support works well for some, we have found many young people learn more effectively in a group setting and have a chance to develop their listening and co-operation skills.  Group work also helps to reduce social isolation and makes young people feel that they are not alone.  Our staff team consists of experienced group facilitators to implement Transitions Life Skills Programme for those young people who wish to attend.

Our dedicated staff team understand the importance of balancing the rights of the young person over risk, and respect each young person’s right to self-determination.  At Transitions we work with young people to support them to make their own decisions, by providing support and guidance to enable them to make safer choices.  We ensure each young person has a risk assessment and management plan that they are fully involved in and share the responsibility for implementation.   Staff will assist the young people to overcome problems associated with their personal experiences, past and present, and any future fears and worries.

Transitions also work in partnership with local charity The Bizz www.the-bizz.org providing the following:


CSE programme




Positive activities and trips


IAG advisors to support future education, employment or training


Work experience



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